Cloud Services Specialist, Flushing, NY - CSS 00223

TT Technologies Inc. is looking for Cloud Services Specialist to work in Flushing, NY. Must possess Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Electronics or any related fields and 6 months experience in Providing guidance to the internal staff on their most important challenges. Helps in resolving various computer related problems, provides direction and technical supervision to internal staff and external consultants whose work involves network systems related tasks and work methods. Configure, maintain, and support the cloud infrastructure using AWS, PowerShell, Python, SQL, and other tools. Focus on the technical and/or organizational aspects of IT while aligning with the business. Cloud Computing (e.g. Azure or AWS, Salesforce). Help in reducing Increasing Security threats. Manages all the infrastructure and operations security through network and application firewalls, authentication, identity and privilege management, and intrusion detection and prevention. Complex Infrastructure & Cloud Transformation programs, which are required to respond to the changing business environment. Position may require travel. Send resumes to REF# CSS 00223.